Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dragon nest Hybrid Elestra (PVP & semi PVE) Build by Kinsire003

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         2. -|138$312$45&ifr=elestra.html (2nd Build w/ ignite, chilling mist lvl 3, Max (7) flame road, and Phoenix storm lvl 6).


* Nothing to explain much, i just max all iframes.
*Shockwave- just lvl 1, to knock-back melee enemies or enemies who are rushing to you. PVP combo: shockwave + freezing sword EX + fire ball or Shockwave + Freezing field (it can slow enemy) + Inferno (7m) + Blink-Mouse 1 + then ignite.
*Mana Flow- For PVE purposes.

Elemental lord
=Fire Tree

* Fireball- lvl 1 , just to unlock inferno

* Inferno- lvl 7, for xtra 2meter range and additional damage, helpful in PVP if enemy will be fully hit, they will have a hard time    evading it. Nice to use in PVE also because of longer range. My combo for this= GW+ Fire wall + inferno + ignite (back when i still have ignite, and be sure that your enemy already uses his blink).

* Fire wall- lvl 2, just to unlock fire shield, PVP = grants super armor upon casting and can disable the casting of skills of your enemy. Nice combo to use= GW+Fire wall+ Freezing sword EX.( if enemy uses arial evasion + dodge) + shatter, if no relieve use flame road afterwards. PVE purposes= obviously you can use it when monsters are gathering around together and best follow-up with ignite.

* Fire shield- lvl 2, just to unlock flame road, useful in PVE as it grants Super Armor. The nerf in SA of ice/fire shield was only in PVP.

* Flame road- lvl 6 (lvl 7 in my 2nd build), one of the strongest skill of Elemental Lords surpassing Ice ultimate. I should have maxed it but then lack of SP, anyways there is only a few difference in damage of FR lvl 7. PVP usage: good in mobility purposes but i rather save it for my killing combo. My combo= my combo always starts  with Glacial wave + chilling mist + shatter + flame road  + then use Blizzard storm and if enemy is frozen then use ignite (flame roads burn is still there).

* Fiery Vortex- i think this is the strongest damage dealing Ultimate i've known so far. In PVP you can already evade this skill easily except for those classes who lack iframes. But in PVE this deals a monstrous damage! GS+GW+ Fiery Vortex= #@##&*&... xD.

*Phoenix storm- lvl 7 (in my 2nd build i only lvl it to 6 to get ignite), instant cast skill with great damage. Usual combo= GW+Phoenix storm+ if enemy uses dodge then use freezing sword EX + shatter + if your lucky to hit him w/ shatter use flame road for follow-up.
*Ignite- lvl 1, good in finishing burnt enemies.

= Ice Tree
* Freezing Sword EX- lvl 11, i love it since its the coolest extremes among others (for me lol). The signature skill of Elestra. My combo=  cast many annoying skills to your enemy (blink+mouse1 for instance) until all his iframes will be utilized so that they cannot evade FSword then cast shatter if he's unaware + flame road. Or Use my fire wall combo above. Can be usefull also in PVE because of its wide AOE

* Freezing field= lvl 3, just to unlock frozen spikes, i havent upgrade this much because im not pure ice, i still have lots of ice to make Freeze stacking. PVP purposes=  i use this to block enemies who are rushing to me, it can cancel skills, my combo= if the enemy will be stuck of this skill immediately use glacial wave and i'll just used the above combos. And to get rid of those monsters with shield, i usually uses this.

* Ice shield= lvl 2, just to unlock chilling mist,. same to fire shield this grants SA in PVE, it can also be useful in PVP since it has a freezing chance.

* Chilling Mist-lvl 5 (in my 2nd build i only lvl it to 3 to get ignite), i always love this skill, although it doesnt have a great damage unlike its fire counter part (flame road) but then you can use this in many purposes. It does have a crazy damage in PVP with slow. In PVE it slows monsters.

*Blizzard Storm- although the damage is not like that of Fiery vortex but it does have a significance, actually i love using this on free for all. I can disable their skill and can easily and immediately steal-kill because of its fast DPS. it can also be useful in 1v1 for ex. chilling mist + shatter (just pray that it will hit the enemy and not use relieve or Spirit boost.)+ flame road (surround the enemy in circling motion, with its rails of fire it can disable him if all fire will hit unto him)+ then glacial wave (immediately)+Blizzard Storm ( freezes for 10 sec in T4, if enemy will be frozen use) Phoenix storm+ annoy him (to utilize all of his dodge, just dont worry, Phoenix storm burns for 13 sec) + ignite ( if you have both of them, i really miss my ignite back then, actually i have both ignite and shatter and its fun)+ if enemy is still alive xD, its up to you now, you can either use same combo but you have to wait for it to regenerate or use another combo.For PVE it freezes monsters that surrounds you, for fast kill.

* Glacial wave- although this is very important skill to start with your combo, i only left it on lvl 4 since i have a duration crest and it helps.PVP combo= just refer it on aboves combo. Useful in ice stacking in PVE.

* Shatter- some might find this unuseful, but for me this is important especially in PVP (its all about luck and you should know when to use this especially if your fighting to a class who has many iframes and relieves) This will also help in PVE since it also deals great damage.

* Ice Sphere- They have boosted the damage of this in t4 and deals 50 hits, i do not know if its final. But this is very useful especially in PVE, PVE combo in big bosses= Glacial spike+glacial wave+ice sphere+ either one of this: flame road/fiery vortex/blizzard storm. In PVP, use it in distracting enemies, it can freeze them and you can start your killing combos. You can also use this combo = be sure that your enemy is rushing towards you, if he does= Ice shield + Ice barrier + Ice Sphere + flame road. its Multi Freeze!!!! if the freezing chance works. Sounds fun isn't it?

* Ice Barrier- Useful in PVP and PVE for survivability. Long regeneration, but if it is already finished in regenerating, you can use the combo above (ice sphere combo).Or in free for all or team play, use this combo: Ice shield + Ice Barrier + Ice sphere ( be sure youll use this in the field where its crowded) + Blizzard Storm + Flame Road (have them burn) then use Ignite Or besides flame road, after casting blizzard storm you can use Chilling Mist to slow them and then you can already use Flame road. More Multi Freeze w/ blizzard storm isn't it? You can become a very good assist if you'll use this.

* Freezing Sword Ex- refer it above.

*This is my build and combos, feel free to tell your opinion and suggestions. In DN armory i dont know why i cant max Freezing sword and i can only upgrade chilling mist to five and also my Sp is insufficient thats why i cant get Fiery Vortex. But in this Skill simulator: ---- you can make chilling mist lvl 6, you can maxed Freezing sword EX, and you can Get Fiery vortex (try it). but Anywas just assume that my chilling mist is lvl 6, my Extreme is lvl 12, and assume that i have Fiery vortex. Check my 2nd build also with lvl 3 chilling mist, maxe freezing sword, Max (7) flame road, lvl 6 phoenix storm and i got both shatter and ignite.